Rules & Regulations

Chiang Mai coffee hunt is rally race to find a coffee shop in Chaing Mai, no cut off time. Runners can get points by the rules that the coffee shop made. The points is depending on distance and difficult level to reach the coffee shop. the team that can collect point the most and cross the finis-line before cut-off will be winner. All runners need to show BIB clearly , take care yourself during an event, respecting the regulation while using public road and no cheating by any vehicle during the race.

  • All runners must get the BIB and jersey at least 1 day before the race day and you can not get the BIB on race day
  • All participate need to briefing on 18th january 2020 5.00PM at the northern science park building in Mae Hia research center, Chiang Mai university, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Each team will recieved the race manual and the coffee shop location guidebook to collect the points
  • Each team must have smart phone at least one
  • Each team mush have one Facebook account or more and liked “ Chiang Mai Coffee Hunt “ fanpage
  • Race start at 7.00AM
  • all of competitors can select the route to run and respecting the regulation while using public road for safety
  • when the competitors arrived to the coffee shop, there are the activities to do to collect the points
    • take a team picture (2 persons) with Chiang Mai Coffee Hunt banner and check-in the coffee shop with your caption and end with #chiangmaicoffeehunt2020
    • taste the special menu from the coffee shop
    • give passport to the coffee shop to stamp sticker point
    • don’t make any trouble to coffee shop , please be nice. If our team receive the problem report the team will get cut the points or force quit the race
    • after across the finish-line and decide to finish the race, please take a team photo with Finisher banner and give a passport to referee to count the points
  • collecting the points will end at 5.00PM and announced the race result start at 6.00PM. all participates can protest within 30 minutes after the race result announced and the decision of referee’s judgment is considered final


  • Food and beverage booth are only at start-line and finish-line , no water and food during the route because it’s no route. Please take care yourself
  • Ambulance and staff are only start-line and finish-line , all participates please consider about your health first. All participates can call if necessary by emergency number.
  • Can deposit your stuffs after 6.00AM and take it back before 6.00PM